Monday, February 27, 2012


Title n Author: Desert Justice by Valerie Parv n A Younger Man by Linda Turner
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Harlequin Mills Boon

Desert Justice ~ Businesswoman Simone Hayes travelled to the exotic land of Nazaar to search for family. But instead of experiencing the idyllic holiday she’d hope for, she witnessed a murder that had far-reaching political implications. To escape with her life Simone needed the protection of Nazaar’s powerful man..the sheik.

Sheik Markaz al Nazaari’s customary authority clashed with Simone’s Western independence, yet while Simone and Markaaz came from two different worlds, they shared a common passion – each other!

A Younger Man ~ To do: Go to college; Fall in love with man of dreams; Get married; Have to kids – one at a time! But Natalie Bailey hadn’t exactly followed her plan…She’d skipped college, married early, and now at thirty three was a divorced mother of five-year-old twins just starting her further education!

Not only that, it looked the man of her dreams had turned up – except he was her younger, if irresistible professor, Maxwell Sullivan. The last man she should be falling for!