Monday, February 27, 2012


Title: Venus
Author: Jane Feather
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Bantam Books

The last thing Lord Nicholas Kincaid expected to see in the gloom of a London tavern was a vision of loveliness. And when she led him to a bedchamber with a come-hither smile, there was no question of resisting – until he realized the lying wench meant to render him senseless handsome lord made the acquaintance of Miss Polly Wyatt, a ravishing beauty he soon decided would make the perfect spy. Unwittingly, she would infiltrate the inner circle at the king’s court. But when Nicholas sets out to bind Polly with chains of passion, he’ll find himself hard-pressed not to be witched..or to fall in love.

KOMEN AKU ~ yalah tu not to fall in love..mana boleh inikan buku romance..dalam beberapa bab kita akan dapat lihat yang Polly (tak sedap sungguh namanya) akan dilatih menjadi wanita yang dihormati. Perjanjian antara mereka berdua ialah Nicholas akan memberinya peluang untuk menjadi artis di pentas teater dan Polly pula akan membantu Nicholas mendapatkan maklumat di kalangan orang yang berpengaruh dalam kerajaan.

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